What Neighbors Love About Living in Woodcroft

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As told to Hannah Lee, a Woodcroft neighbor
*Responses are edited for length and clarity

Lynn Richardson moved from Chapel Hill to Woodwinds in 1986, then to Streamview Court in 1995.

“The neighborhood has lots of wooded common land. My lot backs up to a forested wetland, my yard has lots of trees, and a branch of Third Fork Creek runs through my neighbor’s backyard, all of which means lots of flora and fauna. I tell people I’m in suburbia when I’m in the front yard and in the country when I’m in the back.

I also appreciate the proximity to businesses and services like Studio K Salon, Packaging Express, Park Veterinary Hospital and Ace Hardware. My primary care doc (at Duke Health Center South Durham) and the physical therapist (at FIT Physical Therapy) who keeps my back in shape for gardening are just two miles away.

I’m a member of the Woodcroft Community Association board. I co-founded the Woodcroft Eco-friendly Landscape Committee a couple of years ago and am in charge of the initiative to control invasive plants on our common lands, which, along with a lot of volunteer work for New Hope Audubon Society, keeps me busy.”

The Allin family celebrates Flora’s second birthday in their driveway.
Tom Allin, Sarah Allin and Flora, 2 moved from Watts-Hallandale in July 2020

“At risk of sounding like we’re pandering, the neighbors [are the best thing about living here]. Before we moved in, the folks who we bought our house from invited us to their going-away party, so we could meet the neighbors. As difficult as this past year has been, we’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of folks who do everything from dropping off unsolicited homemade salsa and banana cake to lending us all manner of yard equipment.” – Tom

Woodcroft resident Heather Henry
Heather hosted an Easter egg hunt in her backyard oasis last year for neighborhood kids like Mabel Oches, 4.
Heather Henry moved from Kentucky in 2006

“During [the pandemic], I had time to extend my garden into an area that had previously been a vine-and-weed patch. It was transformed into a peaceful oasis that became a hub of activity for the neighborhood children, possibly owing to the gnomes who inhabit the space. We’ve held storytimes, bear hunts, Christmas carols, Mardi Gras, Easter egg hunts and other events while being safely distanced. Several of my musician friends, in need of outdoor space to spread out, would come by for bluegrass or Cajun music jams.”

Woodcroft resident Darcel Dillard
The Dillards: Jasmine, 13, Alena, 5, Darcel and Amira, 15, moved from Southpoint area in 2019

“Woodcroft is an established, diverse, family- and pet-friendly community. The grounds are well-manicured, and the trails are a relaxing escape from city life. I have some of the friendliest neighbors, and the community works really hard to maintain the upkeep of homes. My youngest has fun taking taekwondo at Master Chang’s Martial Arts. We love Oliver’s Collar Dog Treat Bakery, a cute boutique shop for pets, too. The baked ziti at Pulcinella’s Italian Restaurant is amazing, and Orient Garden offers meatless options for several popular Asian dishes. My favorite is General Tso’s tofu!” – Darcel

Woodcroft resident Melissa Chappell
Melissa has been getting dinner at Nantucket Grill with Shelly Sabhikhi (left) and Laura Yurcoin (right) weekly for more than a year now. Photo by Skylar Chappell
Melissa Chappell moved from Raleigh in 2015

“The community is so active; someone is always out walking, running or biking. My mom and sisters [also] love to stop by Nantucket Grill when they’re in town for a half-slice of the mile-high cake, and it’s easy to walk there on the American Tobacco Trail. For dinner with friends, Shiki Sushi Asian Bistro is a favorite spot. I’ve been doing a lot of grocery shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market and, when I can, I stop by The Mad Popper.”

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Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee is the assistant editor at Durham Magazine. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, she attended UNC-Chapel Hill and double majored in broadcast journalism and German.

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