Piedmont Teams Up with Boxcarr for Four Cheese-Focused Courses

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The setup for Piedmont‘s July 13 dinner sounded incredible: “sweet and savory featuring Boxcarr Handmade Cheese.” Four cheeses, four courses. And, to top it off, it’s all local! My husband and I claimed a spot on the second floor of the restaurant and met some fascinating fellow diners. We enjoyed the courses: a savory cheesecake with blueberries and barbecue peanuts, broccoli topped with crusty cheese, crab rice and a fun ice cheese-and-cream sundae. The food was good and certainly inspired – we wished there was more of it! I get the healthy vibe of the meal and agree – vegetables should be made more of a star. The night was a net positive. We were enamored by our company, and that crusty broccoli dish still has my mouth watering!

Rocket’s Robiola cheesecake with blueberry and barbecue peanuts.
Broccoli cooked in Cottonbell cheese with pecan butter and a butterbean salad.
Crab rice with Campo cheese, smoked tomato and okra.
Rosie’s Robiola ice cream sundae with wafflecone pieces, preserved cherries and sprinkles!

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