February/March 2023: The Influencers Issue

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It’s January (as I write this, anyway), and so naturally I’ve got my New Year’s resolutions on my mind. My No. 1 goal for 2023 is simply to treat myself – mind, body and soul – better.

If I’m being honest, I’m failing at the moment. I had one glorious day where I felt at ease and tried to keep the momentum going, but inevitably I fell back into some lousy routines. I literally just ate a cookie for breakfast (not knocking it if that’s your jam; it just probably shouldn’t be mine).

I keep thinking back to the The Morning newsletter from The New York Times that I received in my personal inbox (teeming with 37,000-plus unread emails) on Jan. 7. I do open these most often, at least, and I’m especially grateful I did this day. In it, editor Melissa Kirsch encouraged her audience to “resolve to always be resolving. … You don’t need a specific day of the year to start to change your life. You can resolve to do something differently … anytime.” I’m trying to take that to heart and, rather than waste time punishing myself for what I haven’t accomplished, I’m choosing to focus on the changes I can make, even if they are small. I finally did purchase a new planner, and I swear this will be the year it keeps me organized. (To quote one of my favorite TikTok creators, Annakprzy, “It’s called manifesting, look it up.”)

In our annual Influencers feature (page 54), we asked each person we profiled to share their hopes for the coming year. They, too, have some lofty dreams for the future, but I have no doubt that they’ll put in the work and be on pace to shape our community in positive ways.

This also happens to be a big year for our company – 15 years ago, founder Dan Shannon and a small team of about 11 were putting the finishing touches on the first issue of Durham Magazine. I spoke to him about those early days, and all that’s happened in our city and at our little publishing company since 2008, on page 38. And if you want a visual representation of the magazine’s evolution, turn to page 30 to see all 112 of our covers.

As a pervasive ’90s rock band so famously put it, “the years start coming, and they don’t stop coming” – may this one be your best yet. – Executive Editor Amanda MacLaren


30 Covering Durham
Fifteen years worth of magazines

38 Launch Time
Founder Dan Shannon reflects on the early days of Durham Magazine

44 Hit the Road
Start planning your North Carolina getaways with some help from our staff

54 The Influencers
Learn about nine people shaping our city’s future from those who know them well


74 Child’s Play
30 activities to try as a family in 2023

78 Dance Your Heart Out 
Kids learn how to bust a move with American Dance Festival

82 Growth Mindset
Campers explore gardening, cooking, sports and more in Montessori School of Durham’s summer programs

84 Summer Camp Guide
There’s a camp in the Triangle for every kid’s interest, from sports and science to art and engineering


4 Letter from the Editor 

8 Go.See.Do.
Ease into spring with these cool events

22 Noted
What we’ve heard around our city …

96 A Keeper in Cleveland-Holloway
This nearly 100-year-old Craftsman beckoned John Burns and Rodney Carvalho from the West Coast

126 Weddings


47 Faces
Meet the people behind our local businesses


112 Biz Briefs

115 Networking
Durham Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Forum and Holiday Reception

118 Hot Shots
Keeping Up with Kate’s Korner

120 The 15-Year Club
We aren’t the only ones celebrating 15 years in business


12 Families Moving Forward’s Chefs for Change Dessert Gala

14 Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center’s Volunteer of the Year and 50th Anniversary Event

15 Durham Colored Library Inc. Celebration of Dr. Aaron McDuffie Moore

16 Animal Protection Society of Durham’s Tails at Twilight Gala

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