The Love Boat: Sarah Guizard and Paul Voran’s Engagement

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By Matt Wade / Photo by Joanna Sue Photography

Wedding Date

March 28, 2021 – Sarah and Paul were originally to be married March 29, 2020. They decided to reschedule their wedding one year later due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


Paul is the production manager at Imurj in Raleigh, and Sarah is the marketing manager at the Cast Iron Group.

Crossed Paths

Paul grew up in Newton, Kansas; Sarah was raised in Wilmington and moved to the area to attend N.C. State University. They met and fell in love at the Quisisana Resort in Maine in summer 2013.  They kept their relationship long distance until Paul moved to the area to be near her. “I’m so lucky that he took a leap of faith and was bold and brave enough to move to North Carolina after only being together for six months and being long distance for three months,” Sarah says.

The Proposal

Together for almost five years, Sarah thought she knew Paul well enough that he could never surprise her. She even knew that he had ordered a custom engagement ring. But when they were in New Orleans for Sarah’s 25th birthday, Paul booked a ride on a gondola that had been shipped from Venice to New Orleans City Park. It fulfilled a wish-list item of Sarah’s: “When we were traveling in Venice, I desperately wanted to go on a gondola, but we couldn’t afford it at the time,” Sarah says. “It was so romantic and sweet, but I was terrified that we were going to tip once he got down on one knee!”

Now, “I Do”

The ceremony and reception will be held at The Cookery and catered by Soomsoom Pita Pockets. Pine State Flowers and Shelton Herb Farm will take care of florals, and The Shakedown will perform live. The couple lives in Raleigh but hopes to move to Durham soon. 

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