By Sponsored Content | April 2, 2015

Leo is a strapping charcoal gray tom cat with amber eyes who’s looking for a comfy lap to curl up in. He seems aptly named, as he’s almost big enough to be a small lion. This confident man will butt his head against you and purr while leaning up against […]

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Reuben — ADOPTED!

By Sponsored Content | March 25, 2015

Reuben is an affectionate, fun-loving Hound mix, about 6 to 7 months old. He’s a smart, attentive young dog who’s quick to pick up new things – he should be fun and easy to train! Reuben is looking for an energetic, committed family who’ll give him lots of exercise and […]

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Allie – ADOPTED!

By Sponsored Content | March 19, 2015

Allie is a lovely dilute tortoiseshell cat with grayish stripes and creamy buff undertones in her silky coat. She is a relaxed adult cat with an affectionate personality who enjoys meeting new humans. Allie will butt her head against you and purr loudly when you visit her crate. Her little […]

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Molly — ADOPTED!

By Sponsored Content | March 4, 2015

Molly is an affectionate Lab mix who’s about 7 months old. She’s a social young dog, though a little submissive until she warms up, then she’s very playful (she loves toys!). Since she’s attentive and food-motivated, she should be fun to take to puppy class. Molly will be sweet family […]

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Cammie – ADOPTED!

By Sponsored Content | February 27, 2015

Cammie is a sweet gray tabby with a white chest and white paws. Cammie has a playful disposition and lots of spark. She will gladly entertain you by leaping after string toys and pouncing at just the right moment. Cammie would be excellent company for someone looking for a young adult […]

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Lorelei – ADOPTED!

By Durham Magazine | February 11, 2015

Lorelei is a sassy coal black kitty with bright green eyes and a fluffy coat. She has a few white flecks in her otherwise inky coat and an affectionate personality. Lorelei is a real sweetheart who loves to strut up to you and rub her cheek on you and purr. […]

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By Sponsored Content | February 4, 2015

This pretty girl is Spot, a Pointer/Pit mix who’s about 2 years old. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm, but since she can settle and focus well, she should respond well to positive (reward-based) training. She loves to chase a tennis ball, adores her toys and does well with other […]

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Brooke – ADOPTED!

By Sponsored Content | January 28, 2015

Brooke is a striking tuxedo kitten with a white blaze and glowing green eyes. She is an adventure seeker and is quite curious about the world around her. Brooke is confident and friendly, stepping up to greet passersby with a rub and purr. This outgoing young lady could bring affection and […]

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Puppies of P10 – Jack, Terri and Chrissy

By Sponsored Content | January 21, 2015

This week we’re featuring puppies – specifically trio Jack, Terri and Chrissy in P10. They’re all very adorable and sweet and waiting for their forever home! For more information about the puppies, contact Watch their cute video here. Adoption fees for dogs and puppies range from $100-$175, which includes a basic medical exam, spay or neuter […]

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Maggie and Emma

By Sponsored Content | January 9, 2015

Maggie and Emma are a bonded bunny pair and are adorably cute! Emma is just as sweet as can be. She is peaceful and lovely, and her little soft tuft of fuzz between her ears makes her as cute as a button! She may need you to convince her at first that you […]

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