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Buddha Bee Apiary: Saving the Bees, One Hive at a Time

By Amanda MacLaren | April 22, 2020

Founder Justin Maness launched Host-a-Hive program, where local homeowners can support a beehive and bees in their own backyard

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Open Floor Plan Ceiling Light kitchen renovation in Durham NC

Three Homes That Will Inspire Your Next Kitchen Renovation

By Morgan Weston | March 2, 2020

Three families in Durham, NC, found kitchen renovations to be a major benefit to their life

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Wooden shelves with food and utensils, kitchen appliances in the pantry

How to Achieve a Pinterest-Worthy Pantry

By Perri Kersh | October 21, 2019

The pros and cons of decanting pasta, oatmeal and more into plastic containers

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Gray Ellis and his son, Nik, take in the afternoon sun on their 15th-floor balcony at One City Center.

A Room with a View

By Amanda MacLaren | July 24, 2019

What it’s like to live on the 15th floor of One City Center

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A spring photo of the Terrace Gardens at Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Coming Up Roses: The Majesty of Sarah P. Duke Gardens

By David Pisetsky | July 10, 2019

The author is a Duke professor of medicine and immunology who has lived in Durham since the late ’70s.

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A group of multietnic students celebrating their graduation by throwing caps in the air closeup. Education, qualification and gown concept.

Make the Most of College: A Professional Organizer’s Guide

By Perri Kersh | June 26, 2019

You’ve spent all senior year preparing for this moment in time … getting ready to go to college. Your essays are done, you’ve left SAT/ACT test prep in the rearview mirror, and you’ve graduated. As a professional organizer, I know that one of the keys to success for students transitioning […]

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Stone Brothers & Byrd opened as a farm supply store in 1910

An Evergreen Business Model

By Durham Magazine | June 3, 2019

Defying time, national chain stores and the 2008 financial crisis, local garden centers have thrived by offering the right mix of expertise and customer service

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What We Love About Living in Tuscaloosa-Lakewood

By Morgan Weston | May 22, 2019

History repeats itself as this vibrant neighborhood – once billed as the Coney Island of the South – sees new businesses, cultural attractions and neighbors moving in

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Tis the Season for Shredding

By Perri Kersh | April 15, 2019

With Tax Day now behind us, it’s a perfect opportunity to rid your home of extra paper and documents that you no longer need. Let’s be honest, there is very little paper that “sparks joy” … use tax season as a reminder to clear out the file cabinet and let […]

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Clean Out Your Closet Without Regret

By Perri Kersh | March 14, 2019

In all of my years of letting go of stuff, I’ve had very few regrets. In fact, the only thing that comes to mind is a pair of beautiful elk skin cowboy boots I purchased directly from the original J. Peterman in Lexington, Kentucky. I owned them for two years […]

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