The Hill Center Helps Students With Learning Differences Excel

By Durham Magazine | March 12, 2018

A program that started in a little yellow house 40 years ago is now the go-to resource for Triangle families whose children struggle academically. When it opened in 1977, The Hill Center was a facet of Durham Academy (DA). In 1980, the center was dedicated to founder George Watts Hill […]

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Skydiving Couple Embarks on New Adventure Together

By Durham Magazine | January 26, 2018

Photo by Elijah Nacita with Morgan Scott Films Caitlin Thomas & Tyler Singleton Wedding Date April 27, 2019 Occupations A UNC-Chapel Hill dental school graduate, Caitlin now works for Tar Heel Family Dentistry in Chapel Hill. Tyler, a native of Newland, N.C., lived in South America to manage a diamond […]

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A Match Made on the Bocce Court

By Durham Magazine | January 20, 2018

Photography by All Bliss Photography Date October 15, 2016 Neighborhood Duke Forest Korstian Division Occupations Both Lauren and Matt work at local software startups. Lauren works at TransLoc, and Matt works at Automated Insights Inc. Crossed Paths On a hot summer afternoon in June 2014, Lauren, who grew up in […]

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Nasher’s Reflections Program Provides Welcoming Space for Visitors With Alzheimer’s

By Durham Magazine | January 14, 2018

From a young age, I knew my grandparents loved the arts. I remember attending theater and orchestra performances with them in our small Florida town. I remember my grandfather enrolling in a world art and architecture course at the local community college. I remember my grandmother leading my fifth-grade class […]

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The Wedding Guide: From Engaged to ‘I Do’

By Durham Magazine | January 10, 2018

So, you’re engaged! You are bursting with jubilation, love and a whirlwind of emotions as you imagine your life and future. You eagerly begin Googling wedding venues and create a “Dream Wedding” board on Pinterest. And that’s when this other, unwelcomed feeling emerges. It lingers somewhere between slightly overwhelmed and […]

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Resolve to Take Better Care of Yourself in 2018

By Durham Magazine | January 4, 2018

Before you continue, take a deep breath. Now take another one. How do you feel? It’s a question most of us ask in the New Year. How are you doing? What could make your life better? We’re not alone in this exercise, and fortunately, we don’t have to be without […]

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6 Thoughtful Gifts to Give New Parents

By Durham Magazine | December 30, 2017

SOMETHING TO CHEW ON Babies and parents alike need options for entertaining curious minds. Give the little ones two gifts: a colorful book that’s both soft and crinkly (and filled with unicorns – all the rage among the newborn set), and a bright, chewy stroller toy that’s shhhhh…quiet when baby […]

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Shop Local with These 28 Gift Ideas

By Sponsored Content | December 7, 2017
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Bull City-Born Rapper G Yamazawa Talks About His Anthem For Our City

By Durham Magazine | November 17, 2017

George Masao Yamazawa Jr., or simply “G”, was born in Durham and raised by Japanese immigrant parents, George and Mayumi. He graduated from Jordan High School, and attended Durham Technical Community College for two years. With a knack for spoken word poetry, G is the youngest person ever to become […]

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Local Extracurriculars to Keep Your Kids Engaged

By Durham Magazine | October 29, 2017

SPORTS We are fortunate to have many specialized sports complexes and team leagues to help kids expend some energy and learn leadership and discipline skills along the way. Complexes like Baseball Rebellion (currently based in Hillsborough, but planning to move to Durham soon), Bull City Gymnastics, OC Gymnastics in Hillsborough […]

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