A Durham 150 Closing Ceremony Mural

Durham to Vote on $95 Million Affordable Housing Bond

By Durham Magazine | November 4, 2019

The bond will form the bulk of a five-year plan to build, maintain and restore affordable housing in the city

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Lakewood Elementary Principal James Hopkins

Moves to Improve Public Schools Show Early Promise

By Durham Magazine | October 7, 2019

Durham Public Schools has called for a greater engagement with businesses and the community

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Golden Belt Campus at sunset

A Golden Era: Innovative Projects and Progress at Golden Belt Campus

By Amber Watson | September 11, 2019

Once home to a successful cotton mill and bag mill, Golden Belt has now become an affordable and lively space for the arts and local events

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RTP Breaks Ground on Boxyard

By Michael McElroy | August 30, 2019

With coffee, mimosas and cupcakes, live music and lots of shovels, the Research Triangle Foundationย broke ground Aug. 27 on Boxyard RTP, a retail and dining hub where the park’s “innovative minds can meet, eat, connect and unwind.” The event was invitation only, but attendees came from all over the Triangle, […]

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Bull City Laughs

Jokes on the Bus Go Round and Round

By Amanda MacLaren | August 28, 2019

This quintet came together to create Durham’s first and only comedy tour bus business

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Drew Schiller, right, co-founder and CEO of the health care software company Validic, shares a beer with staff at their office in The Chesterfield downtown.

Work-Life Balance: The Productivity of Perks

By Michael McElroy | August 2, 2019

Many business leaders say a commitment to work-life balance is crucial to getting the most out of their employees

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Elaine Curry and Dawn Paige of Empress Development made extensive renovations to 109 W. Parrish St.

The Sale of a Parrish Street Building Shows the Importance of Real Estate in Driving Diversity

By Durham Magazine | July 1, 2019

The recent sale of 109 W. Parrish St. brought a prime market price and a chance to pass on its legacy of black ownership to a third generation

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Hot Shot: Gretchen Walsh of McKinney

By Michael McElroy | July 1, 2019

The new managing director of McKinneyโ€™s Durham office sees her duties toward her clients and to the city as both a marathon and a sprint

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Stone Brothers & Byrd opened as a farm supply store in 1910

An Evergreen Business Model

By Durham Magazine | June 3, 2019

Defying time, national chain stores and the 2008 financial crisis, local garden centers have thrived by offering the right mix of expertise and customer service

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RTP: A History of Looking to the Future

By Durham Magazine | May 6, 2019

For the past 60 years, many of the innovations and ideas that shape our world were formulated, hatched and brought to reality in the wide swath of piney forest known as Research Triangle Park. The park was founded as an attempt to keep the talent that was being churned out […]

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