Local Teacher Thinks ‘Tiny’ on Big Housing Problem

By Durham Magazine | May 2, 2022

Topher Thomas’ new business, Coram Houses, addresses the affordable housing crisis by building tiny homes in people’s backyards

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Kimberly V. Williams

The Case for a Local Agent: iBuyers and Inventory Shortage Can’t Stop Durham Realtors

By Durham Magazine | March 31, 2022

National real estate companies known as iBuyers present local real estate agents with competition in a crowded market

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2022 Durham Influencers - Cocoa Cinnamon

Get to Know 8 Influencers Who Are Shaping Our Community

By Durham Magazine | February 16, 2022

These folks all have a hand in affecting the way we live, work and play in Durham – learn how from the people who know them well

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J Lights Market owner Jared Burton

Challenges and Hardships Continue for New Restaurants and Bars

By Durham Magazine | February 4, 2022

Shared experiences from the hardy folks who followed their dreams and opened restaurants during the pandemic

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The Future of Black-Owned Businesses in Durham

By Durham Magazine | January 3, 2022

Trends of growth and feelings of optimism amid a changing cityscape

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major commercial development projects in Durham

Major Commercial Real Estate Projects Underway in Durham

By Durham Magazine | December 6, 2021

Investment in commercial real estate hasn’t slowed down in Durham. Here are some of the biggest development projects currently underway.

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Downtown Durham Development Map

Durham on the Rise: Durham Magazine’s Guide to Downtown Developments

By Durham Magazine Intern | October 27, 2021

Nearly 30 construction and development projects that are taking place in and around downtown Durham – many of which are now completed

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Durham Tech 60th anniversary

Durham Tech Kicks Off 60th Anniversary With Opening of New Building

By Hannah Lee | October 11, 2021

More than 100 community members attended an outdoor ceremony to commemorate the new William G. Ingram Center for Applied Learning and Technology on Sept. 9

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Post-pandemic, hotels like JB Duke are open to visitors in Durham.

Durham Hotels Attempt to Make Up Lost Ground Caused by the Pandemic

By Durham Magazine Intern | September 8, 2021

COVID-19 brought the hospitality industry to a near standstill, but Durham hotels are positioned well for recovery post-pandemic.

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update dining seating

Restaurants Share Updates Amid Changing COVID-19 Policies

By Durham Magazine | September 2, 2021

Restaurants are on pace to return to pre-pandemic levels of business, but as COVID-19 challenges shift, they all face similar issues.

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