Two Roosters Carries on Its Sweet Tradition: ‘Love People, Love Ice Cream – In That Order’

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Jared Plummer carries on his grandmother’s legacy through ice cream inspired by summers he spent churning out the sweet treat on her front porch. He opened a Two Roosters in Durham – the shop’s third location – last summer.

Two Roosters
Photo by John Michael Simpson

By Hannah Lee

The line was long at Golden Belt Campus. The heat, blistering. Everyone wore masks – some, two. All they could think about was the sweet stuff. A cold Hi-Wire brew sounded nice, but they craved the ice cream across the lawn at Two Roosters, which had finally opened its third location last year at the peak of summer and pandemic. So, customers waited.

Two Roosters

Owner Jared Plummer remembers cranking the rock salt machine on his Granny’s front porch in Greensboro on similarly sweltering days. His arm would practically go numb from the perpetual motion on the old contraption while she and the two black wooden roosters hung by the door watched over his work.

More than three decades later, Jared quit the monotonous, mundane hours of his accounting job and traded in for sweeter days as a confectioner. It started in 2015 at The Cookery’s commissary kitchen, where Jared and his wife, Kelsey Plummer, prepped and then delivered experimental flavors to pop-ups and parties out of their vintage turquoise and white camper. When asked about his own ice cream flavor preference, he says he has “a problem when it comes to Oreos. I don’t eat just one or two. I eat a whole sleeve.” (Cookies and Cream remains a permanent staple on “The Regulars” menu alongside 10 other flavors.)

Jared opened his first brick-and-mortar in North Raleigh in 2017, with full intentions of returning to the city that supported his business from the get-go. Two Roosters opened a seasonal stand that same year at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, over by left field under the famous snorting bull sign. “A lot of Durham folks know us originally from the Durham Bulls,” Jared says. “And now that we’re back in Durham full time with this store at Golden Belt, it’s really cool to see it all come full circle.”

It’s been a slower start than his team anticipated due to COVID-19 restrictions, but he’s grateful he landed in a spot next to other local businesses like Hi-Wire, J. Lights Market & Cafe and soon Cugino Forno Pizzeria. “So now you have – in my opinion – the holy trinity of beer, pizza and ice cream,” Jared says.

And Jared has no plans to open a location outside the Triangle. The story of Two Roosters began with a little kid with sticky, ice-cream covered hands; now it’s a sweet sensation, run by a big kid with sticky hands and a strong appreciation for the process.

“People in Durham love Durham; they love local,” he says. “And I’m that way, too. … Love people, love ice cream – in that order. That’s what we want to do wherever we go, wherever we are.”


Bring back your favorite guest flavors from the past year in July by voting for Two Roosters’ Greatest Hits series at

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Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee is the assistant editor at Durham Magazine. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, she attended UNC-Chapel Hill and double majored in broadcast journalism and German.

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