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Ramos Gin FizzInvented in 1888, the Ramos Gin Fizz begins simply with a Collins glass filled an eighth of the way up with club soda. Next, gin, an egg white, two ounces of heavy cream, a quarter ounce each of lemon, lime, and orange juice, and a half-ounce of simple syrup are added to a mixing glass along with just a dash of orange blossom water. Dry shaken for about 45 seconds, ice is then added for a wet shake of about 20 seconds. “We pour it through the double strainer, which is basically for aeration,” says Bar Virgile co-owner and general manager Daniel Sartain. “When it hits that club soda with any velocity whatsoever… you’ll see when I pour it what it does.” A beautiful head rises nearly two inches out of the glass, and it’s garnished with an orange wheel.

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Amanda MacLaren

Amanda MacLaren is the executive editor of Durham Magazine. Born in Mesa, Arizona, she grew up in Charlotte and attended UNC-Chapel Hill, majoring in journalism. She’s lived in Durham for eight years. When she’s not at work, you can usually find her with a beer in hand at Fullsteam, Dain’s Place or Bull City Burger or getting takeout from Guasaca.
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