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Nichole Cauley and her 22-month-old Joshua tackle Babywearing Yoga. – Photo by Briana Brough

Durham Yoga is here for you. Yes, you, the one who went to a yoga class once and face-planted. The one with bad wrists and a bum knee. The one who just had a kid, and the one who had a kid nine years ago but still feels like she just had a kid. You are all welcomed.

“Yoga is ready to meet you where you are,” says studio co-owner Sage Rountree, “and Durham Yoga is ready to help.”

One of the newer offerings at the studio is Babywearing Yoga, an informal class that instructor Rhonda Bangert hopes gives students “the opportunity to provide self-care without having to give up their role as caregiver for their child.” Because she remembers the baby years herself, know that it’s OK if you don’t quite get there on time!

Inclusivity and body positivity expand beyond appreciating certain stages of life; nationally celebrated instructor Jessamyn Stanley has recently joined the roster of teachers, bringing with her the belief that all of her students, regardless of body type, can progress in an environment “that encourages the ‘in-between’ phases – falling down, losing balance … Those are moments where yoga teaches us.”

“Believe in yourself,” Jessamyn encourages. And Rhonda adds, “And take care of your body. A little bit of yoga goes a long way.”

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