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IMG_0937When I moved to North Carolina five years ago, Franklin Street Yoga Center in Chapel Hill was the studio where I chose to regularly practice yoga. I loved the classes taught by the studio’s owner, Lori Burgwyn, because they were challenging, yet fun, and I loved the atmosphere in her packed classes. My favorite thing about Lori’s class is her ability to teach yoga in a way that makes each visit to the mat feel new – even if you’ve been in a pose 100 times before, somehow she creates a unique experience through her innovative sequencing and the distinctive way she guides her students through asana.

Within months practicing regularly at the studio, I embarked on my 200-hour yoga teacher training program under Lori’s tutelage. I have much to thank Lori for with regards to my path as a yoga student and a yoga teacher. During this season of gratitude and reflection, who in your life has inspired you to pursue your passion? Who are your teachers and how do you honor them? I’ve asked Lori a few questions about her own teachers and what she’s up to lately, which I’ve shared here.

Peace and Namaste.

What and who inspires you lately?

Silence, teaching meditation, music always inspires me, Amanda Hale, and the FSYC community.

Who are your teachers and what makes them so?

First and foremost, my five dogs are my teachers because they remind me that unconditional love is possible. Baron Baptiste has been my teacher since 1997 and I respect and love his ability to remind everyone to be their most authentic self. My clients are great teachers due to the fact that they inspire me to continue to grow as a student and keep learning.

When did you know that yoga would become such a big part of your life?

When I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in 2005, my practice offered me a place to feel everything was okay. And it continues to do this all the time; when I lose a sense of direction, my practice reminds me of what is important in my life.

How would you describe yoga to someone who has never stepped on a mat before?

Yoga is like break-dancing in slow motion and is for everybody and every body.

How would you describe your class to someone who has never practiced with you?

My class is a combination of playfulness and precision within a carefully crafted sequence set to great music creating an experience of connection to body and being.

How long have you been a yoga teacher? 

Nine years.

What is your favorite thing about being a yoga teacher? 

To provide moments of stillness for people to pause and reflect on who they are and how they are making a difference to everyone they encounter.

What is a goal or project you are working on as 2014 comes to a close?

I had shoulder surgery in December 2013 and I am working on rebuilding my strength through my yoga practice and with a personal trainer.

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