Learn More About Brightleaf Square’s Newest Addition: Bull City Olive Oil

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Bull City Olive OilHistoric Brightleaf Square welcomes a new neighbor this month: Bull City Olive Oil, a specialty food store with a focus on Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or UP EVOO), as well as flavored oils and balsamic vinegars.

Sourced fresh globally through a single-cultivar process, Bull City’s olive oil is crushed within three to four hours of harvesting, which not only provides a better taste, but also contains more nutritional value. The oils are even sourced seasonally by hemisphere for a fresh-pressed taste.

If you’re looking for a different taste, fruit-flavored dark balsamic vinegars, such as blueberry and fig, and olive oils infused with herbs like garlic and basil, will also be available. In addition to these fresh and flavorful oils, owner and proprietor Julie Steinhauer says the shop will offer a variety of simple yet refined items not readily available at other similar retail outlets. This includes meats, cheeses, baked goods, pasta and a range of other items, all hand-selected by Julie from across the globe. “The decision about what to carry is based on what items I feel best complement the oils and vinegars,” she says.

Customers can expect knowledgeable and friendly service, along with the chance to sample and taste everything in the store for an enjoyable and enlightening shopping experience.

“We know it’s very helpful for our customers to be able to taste before buying so they are able to really get a sense of what they like,” says Julie, who also plans to help customers choose gifts for special occasions or order wedding favors.

Bull City Olive Oil will open later this month, with a grand opening celebration to be held in September. Follow them on Twitter at @bullcityolive or check them out on Facebook for all their updates.

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Morgan Weston

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