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Stay Centered

By Amanda MacLaren | September 22, 2014

Paintings, jewelry, photography, wooden sculptures and even humans pretending to be sculptures were in abundance at Durham Arts Council’s 40th annual CenterFest, a two-day street arts and community festival in downtown that featured 140 juried visual artists representing 17 states. This year, more than 70 acts performed on six stages, kids got […]

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Creating a Buzz in Durham Classrooms

By Sponsored Content | September 1, 2014

How might a local high school make use of a flying, camera-bearing quadcopter? Could Skype offer a novel way for students to connect with books? What kind of connections could be made between Duke students and an elementary school technology club? Tackling these questions is all in a day’s work […]

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Power to the People

By Sponsored Content | August 1, 2014

Anne Yeung always loved her experience as a Duke student, but during her sophomore year, she began to feel something was missing. “Being engaged in the community around me has always been important to me,” Anne says. “But I hadn’t yet found an opportunity to practice that at Duke in […]

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The Duke Homebuyers Club

By Sponsored Content | July 1, 2014

When Duke University kicked off its Southside Housing Incentive Program last year, the goal was to encourage Duke employees to become some of the first stable homeowners in the revitalized Southside neighborhood. The initiative, offered to employees meeting certain income qualifications, was one of several ways that Duke partnered with […]

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Txak Full of Fun

By Durham Magazine | June 16, 2014

Six Plates Wine Bar likens Txakolifest to the Superbowl – they pull out all the stops (er, corks). Revelers came out to sample endless pours of Txakoli (pronounced “chah-coli”), a tart, fizzy white wine from the Basque region of Spain that’s best served by holding the bottle a considerable height above a drinker’s […]

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History in the Making

By Sponsored Content | June 1, 2014

Izzy Salazar, age 13, can see it in her mind’s eye, little John Hope Franklin, age 7, crying on an Oklahoma train platform. The boy who would go on to be a legendary historian and civil rights advocate had been kicked off a train, along with his mother and sister, […]

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A Call to Action on Literacy

By Sponsored Content | May 1, 2014

North Carolina in 2012 adopted the rigorous Common Core curriculum standards for all public schools and charter schools. When the State Board of Education released the results of standardized tests from that first year of Common Core, they revealed a dramatic drop in performance by students, schools and districts. The […]

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