Adoptable Pet of the Week: Cutie Pie

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Cutie Pie at APS of Durham
Photo by Ashley Sherrow, Assorted Poppies Photography

Cutie Pie lives up to his name as a cute guinea pig! Did you know that guinea pigs were first domesticated in 5,000 B.C.? And they’re still great pets today. Guinea pigs don’t sleep a lot, and when they’re awake, they like to talk. You’ll notice Cutie Pie is a social little guy, who produces six main vocalizations: chutts, squeaks, whines, whistles, purrs and chirps. Each vocalization conveys a different meaning, so in essence, he’s talking to you, his new friend. Guinea pigs are typically considered gregarious, outgoing animals. If you’ve never had a guinea pig before, now is the time to take Cutie Pie home with you today!

Cutie Pie’s adoption fee has been waived, so the Animal Protection Society of Durham can find him a new home quickly. For more information on Cutie Pie, contact [email protected]. To view his webpage, visit For more adoptable animals that aren’t cats or dogs, visit

Adoption fees for other animals vary, but the fees include a basic medical exam, spay or neuter surgery, microchip implantation, rabies and other vaccinations, intestinal parasite check, a heartworm test and deworming.

Thanks to our sponsor, new owners of each adopted featured pet will receive a free full day of camp at Camp Bow Wow.

The Animal Protection Society of Durham, located at 2117 E. Club Blvd., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been helping animals in the community since 1970, and has managed the Durham County Animal Shelter since 1990. In addition to county funding, APS relies on donations from individuals and corporations to feed, shelter and provide medical attention for the nearly 7,000 stray, surrendered and abused animals it cares for each year. The shelter is open by appointment only due to COVID-19. For more information, email [email protected].

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