Women of Achievement

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Women of Achievement lunch on Friday, June 16, 2017, at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill. We celebrated with past and present honorees from Chapel Hill Magazine and Durham Magazine. Click here to view the presentation, and click here to view the advice our honorees would have given to their younger selves.

Photo by Briana Brough.

2018 Honorees

Stacey Donoghue and Veshana Ramiah
Gale Singer Adland
Captain Carol Milligan Reardon
Ann May Woodward
Saba Taj
Lara Brickhouse
Dr. Ann Reed
Anita Earls
Ellen Cassily
Jessica Brock
Sue Harnett
Areli Barrera de Grodski

2017 Honorees

Photo by Briana Brough.

Kat Benson 
Helena Cragg 
Lauren Faber 
Melissa Katrincic 
The Honorable Marcia H. Morey 
Rachael Price and Rebecca “Becky” Simmons 
Amy Sliffe 
Bettina Umstead 
Sheridan van Wagenberg
Susan Wall 
Marissa Young 

2016 Honorees

Photo by Briana Brough

Ellen Andrews 
MaryAnn E. Black 
Heather Garrett 
Kim Lan Grout 
Dacia Jones 
Shelley McPhatter 
Sarah Parker 
Laura Helms Reece 
Elizabeth South 
Jessamyn Stanley 
Kamara Thomas 
Amy Unell 
Po-Ming Wong 

2015 Honorees

Photo by Kristin Prelipp, KPO Photo

Dr. Brenda Armstrong
Heidi Carter
Maggie Ellis Chotas
Gladys Labuda and her daughter, Ana
LUEWWD: League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham
Dr. Charmaine McKissick-Melton
Anjana Mohanty
Betsy Polk
Carrie Schleiffer
Sarah Schroth
Brittany Stresing
Christine Weidinger
Ginger Young 

2014 Honorees

Photo by Briana Brough

Shirlette Ammons
Laura Ballance
Summer Bicknell
Katie Braam
Anna Branly
Alicia Butler
Amy Campbell
Thelma DeCarlo-Glynn
Sherry DeVries

The Durham Divas
Dr. Sharon Elliott-Bynum (1957-2016)

Nnenna Freelon
Maya Freelon Asante

Elisha Gahagan-McLawhorn
Fida Ghanem
Andrea Harris

Treat Harvey
Becky Heron (1927-2014)
Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple
Susie Huser

Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg
Dana Lange

Joni Madison
Vanessa Mazuz

Beverly McIver and her sister, Renee
Katie Meddis
Gail Mills
Lindsay Moriarty

Michelle Old
Jenna Parks Olender
Donna Parks
Pilar Rocha-Goldberg
Aurelia Sands Belle

Michelle Wallace
Cynthia Watkins
Dr. Ingrid Wicker-McCree
Mary Whaley Paul (1926-2016)
Katie Wyatt

2013 Honorees

Photo by Briana Brough

Karen Barker
Judith Bell

Dr. Kimberly Blackwell
Ginny Bowman
Cynthia Brodhead
Jennings Brody

Judge Elaine Bushfan
Tanya Catolos
Diane Catotti
Cora Cole-McFadden
Claudia Cooper
Kelli Cotter
Sarah Foster

Cherry Gibbs
Sarah Hill
Brenda Howerton
Wendy Jacobs
Rochelle Johnson

Letisha Judd
Phoebe Lawless
Danielle Martini-Rios

Joanne McCallie
Heather McEntire
Linda McGill
Meredith Nicholson
Anne Niemann
Jodee Nimerichter
Jennifer Oldham
Milan Pham
Ellen Reckhow

Lou Rollins
Dr. Debra Saunders-White (1957-2016)
Casey Steinbacher
Beverly Thompson
Amy Tornquist 

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