The Village at Brookwood

The Village at Brookwood

1860 Brookwood Avenue, Burlington
Entrance Fee Range
$87,100 - $503,100
Monthly Fee Range
$1,845 - $4,021
Contract Options

Option 1: Extensive - LifeCare Residential Living: Garden Homes & Apartments, bundled services, campus amenities, complete maintenance and future health care all covered by the entrance fee and monthly fee. When moving from one level of care to another, the monthly fee reflects a 60% reduction of the daily skilled nursing rate. Option 2: Fee for Service - Garden Homes & Apartments, campus amenities, maintenance free and access to future health care are provided in exchange for entrance fee and monthly fee. Health-related services are provided at the per-diem rate.

Refund Options

Declining Refund: Option 1: Extensive - Standard Refund is declining over 47 months, with 100% guaranteed refund in the first 60 days for any reason. 50% and 90% Refund plans also available. Option 2: Fee for Service - Standard Refund declines over 47 months, with guaranteed refund in the first 60 days for any reason. 50% Refund plans also available.

Medicare Certified?
Long-term Care Insurance Required?
Not required, but can help with costs related to Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Care for Fee-for-Service or LifeCare plans.
Min. Age to Obtain Residence
62 (co-applicant must be at least 55)