Watermelon Day

National Watermelon Day is in August and the Museum of Life and Science is hosting a celebration for this sweet summer treat!

Pop Up Opportunities: They will be feeding their animals watermelon treats occasionally during our week of celebration and are creating some special watermelon-themed enrichment that will be placed in animal exhibits for a variety of their animals to enjoy. These offerings will not be on a schedule as they are subject to availability.

Want to join the fun while also helping our animals? You can donate a watermelon so our keepers can treat their animals to watermelon all summer. There will be a donation box set up in our admission areas for your watermelons.

Don’t forget to stop by our café while you are here to check out some of their special watermelon offerings all week.

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Aug 01 2022


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Museum of Life and Science
433 W. Murray Avenue
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