Sleep & Well-Being

What if you could sleep your way to better health? Sleep and rest are foundational to our well-being and yet are often downplayed or overlooked. Join Duke Health and Well-Being’s Kelly Day O’Brien, NBC-HWC for an interactive discussion on how sleep connects to all the aspects of the Wheel of Health and learn why optimizing rest supports vitality and resilience.

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Early Registration Deadline: July 28
Last Day to Register: August 11
Instructor: Kelly Day O’Brien

About Duke Health & Well-Being Smarts

Take a break and enhance your health and well-being knowledge with a live webinar hosted by our highly experienced Duke Health and Well-Being experts. Following Duke Health and Well-Being’s Wheel of Health, Health and Well-Being Smarts is a monthly webinar program that will discuss and review the most up-to-date recommendations regarding the different interconnected and interrelated components of whole-person health and well-being.


Aug 12 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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