Ruby Friday: Radical Repair Workshop

Durham-based artist Julia Gartrell was in residence in the Rubenstein Arts Center (Nov 4, 2019–Jan 19, 2020) to develop her new traveling sculpture experience: the Radical Repair Workshop.

For her Ruby Friday presentation, Gartrell will explore the historical context of repair, its class implications and environmental impact, and the relationship that repair can have to a sculptural practice. Gartrell will frame notions of mending and repair through the lens of her own practice, which explores modes of “making do,” expands functional fixedness and considers the power of failure.

Learn about the trajectory of the Radical Repair Workshop, a public art project that collects and repairs items in a conceptual and often non-functional manner. Gartrell will unpack the power that exists in rejecting functionality in favor of a deep consideration of materials, history, context and the psychic energy of an object. The audience will be encouraged to participate in the talk through a very simple hands on material exploration.


Apr 17 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Free; open to everyone.

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Rubenstein Arts Center
2020 Campus Dr, Durham, NC 27708

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