Music Bingo at Ponysaurus Brewing Co.

Did you once have an iPod with 30,000 songs on it? Do you listen to the radio with the windows down on the reg? Did you listen to vinyl before it was cool? Then Music Bingo is for you! Visit Ponysaurus Brewing Co. every Wednesday at 6pm on the patio for delicious beer and six rounds of music bingo. Winners from each round will be awarded a token, equivalent to a pint of beer.

Rounds themes vary, featuring decades rounds such as 60’s hits or categories like summer or love. So no matter whether you’re still dropping the needle on a record or popping in your AirPods, there’ll be a few tunes you’ll know.

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Dec 06 2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Ponysaurus Brewing Co.
219 Hood St. Durham, NC
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