Just For Joy: Dancing for All Ages

Just for Joy is a new virtual weekly class that meets via Zoom on Mondays beginning October 18th from 4-5 pm EDT. Together we play with our breath, shape, space, rhythm, flow, and pace (action and rest) using both music and silence. Movement is a revolutionary act of self care and a way to both release toxins in our bodies and renew our joy, hope and vitality. Join us!

All ages, genders, and abilities welcome. Please dress to move freely and joyfully. Adornment, glitter, ribbons, scarves, and wands are ALWAYS welcome!

To Register: email Rinah at joyoushout@gmail.com


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Dec 04 2023


This is a weekly virtual class that meets every Monday via Zoom until late December.
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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