“I Talk to God” Book Launch, Reading and Signing

Local educator, Phyllis Morrison, invites you to help celebrate the launch of her first children’s book, “I Talk to God”!

This book is a whimsical journey into little Pia’s beautiful relationship with the Lord, and it shows how her comfort level with God frees her to ask Him all sorts of questions. Glimpsing the world through the insightful, creative eyes of this beautiful child will delight both your child and your inner child. Little Pia will take you back to a time of childhood innocence with questions like, “Why are ants so tiny? Why is the sky so blue? Once, I asked, “God if you’re bigger than this whole-wide world, then why can’t I see you?”. Phyllis believes that this children’s book will assist in encouraging children to pray and to feel assured that God desires conversation with them. 

Children of ALL ages are encouraged to attend! Covid protocols will be observed! 


Jul 17 2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm




Beacon Light Baptist Church
403 Cook Road, Durham, NC

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