Gather ‘Round: Join Storytelling Masters for an Hour of Delight and Courage

A night of courageous tales with professional storytellers brings fun and heartwarming stories. You will even have the opportunity to share your own stories as well.

Enjoy a laid-back night that will bring delight and a sense of bravery in yourself. This event helps raise money for the Compass Center of NC in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Compass Center is Orange County’s local domestic violence agency that provides crisis and self-sufficiency services, prevention education, and will soon have emergency housing for survivors of domestic abuse. The center has seen a rise in hotline calls of domestic violence situations in Orange County since COVID hit. Help raise funds to keep these services accessible while enjoying a great evening of storytelling.

Meet the talent!

Amy Mora, the emcee, is a writer, storyteller and comedian. She lives in Chapel Hill and is native to North Carolina. She is also a volunteer with Compass Center for Women & Families.
Braima Moiwai is a musician, actor, writer and artist with the Durham Arts Council.  She is also a storyteller with the North Carolina Association of Black storytellers (NCAB) based in Durham.

George Spencer is a storyteller, author and painter. He is a contributing writer at the alumni magazine of the University of Virginia and writes for alumni media at Vanderbilt, Carleton University and UNC. 


Oct 22 2020


1 hour 15 min
7:30 pm - 8:45 pm


Free with requested donation

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