2020 Virtual Beaver Queen Pageant – Contestant Submission Deadline

The 16th Annual (Virtual) Beaver Queen Pageant, Beavers in the Stream!

The Beaver Queen Pageant is the Triangle’s own special mix of folly, pageantry and humor. Contestants take on beaver personalities and compete for the title of Beaver Queen with their fashion, talent and personality. For the first time, the pageant will be completely virtual this year. This means that beavers from around the world can participate! For those of you feeling stuck in your lodge, this is an opportunity to channel your family’s inner beaver creativity and enter the contest. Contestant submissions will be accepted through May 18th, and the pageant will be rolled out in three episodes: a talent episode on June 6th, a Q&A episode on June 7th and a final CORONAtion episode on June 13th. This truly weird and delightful Durham experience is a fundraiser for the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association. Stay tuned for opportunities to vote for your favorite contestants – or bribe a judge – at www.beaverqueen.org.

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