12 Powers and Prayer

UCP is pleased to offer a lively afternoon with Rev Pat Veenema in a retreat she calls “12 Powers & Prayer” or “12 P&P.” This will be a “playshop” to immerse yourself in Unity’s “Twelve Powers”, so that when you leave at the end of the retreat, you will have a understanding of these potent power centers that are within us, which can help us realize our potential and bring our affirmations and prayers to life.

WATCH Rev. Pat’s welcome video

This half-day retreat provides a chance to hone an essential spiritual tool that you can use in your personal meditation. You can use it in your responses to others, for example, how to compose an empathetic and specific uplifting response to your friends on Facebook. It will give you skills that you can use in your mission of being a loving being in the world. It offers a practice of body mindfulness and a deeper knowing the power of the Divine is ours. It will strengthen the UCP community as we huddle and practice in small groups. Our collective experience includes guided whole-body meditation, and walking meditation in the labyrinth.

COST: $40


Rev Pat Veenema, M.Div. has been an active member of UCP for 20 years, during which she attended Unity Institute & Seminary, where she served as a Silent Unity Prayer Associate. She is celebrating her 8th year of Unity New Vista Learning Center, a thriving online ministry. Rev Pat offers an authentic splash of New Thought teachings in 21st -century language. She is the author of the newly released “Evolution in the Bible: An Integral Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures.”

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Mar 04 2023


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm




8800 Seawell School Rd.
8800 Seawell School Rd.
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