Pick Your Perfect Pet at APS of Durham During the Month of...

Pick Your Perfect Pet at APS of Durham During the Month of June

The Animal Protection Society of Durham hosts its biggest cat adoption event of the year


Kitten season is in full swing, and there are more cats coming into the animal shelter than they currently have room to house. If you have been searching for the perfect companion, the Animal Protection Society of Durham is offering a pick-your-price on the adoption fee for all cats, kittens, guinea pigs and rabbits for the entire month of June. That’s right: Just tell them what you are willing to pay!

APS feline adoption packages are normally $95: Your new cat or kitten will receive a medical exam, spay or neuter surgery, vaccines and a microchip. The staff and volunteers will also be happy to talk with you and provide information about any kitty you are interested in adopting.

Not only will you be giving a cat a second chance, but the cost of your adoption will go directly toward helping APS care for the animals that they take in. Best of all, your new pet will finally have a forever home.

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