Bring Your Pup to Work Days in Durham

Bring Your Pup to Work Days in Durham

These adorable office pets are valued team members at their places of business


“I started [Pine State Flowers] as a studio florist with a cutting garden, doing deliveries and weddings, but not keeping regular shop hours. The retail part … opened full time last year, which means I spend a lot more time away from home. I typically work 10- or 11-hour days, so bringing my dog to work is like having a little bit of home with me while I’m away. Sonoa is a lab/husky mix who has been my companion for 11 years. She’s as sweet and stubborn as any cat, and loves greeting new people in the shop.”

– Maggie Smith, owner & lead florist, Pine State Flowers

Photo by Dawn Bland


“It’s hard to have a bad day at the office when there’s a constant source of affection and comfort at your feet. Lola [a 1-year-old Welsh Terrier] brightens everyone’s day and eagerly attends to anyone who comes in.”

– Will Rhodenhiser, architect, Center Studio Architecture


“I have always been surrounded by animals. My mom lives on a farm, so horses, cats, dogs, even a donkey. … I can’t imagine not having fur babies – Labrador Finley, 12, rescued mutt Gypsy, 9, and rescued German Shepherd Hilda, 5 – around. And our staff seems to love having pups around. The dogs are a stress relief. They keep a positive energy in the office, and remind us to get up and move around after extended time at a desk, especially after 5 p.m. As a business owner, I sometimes work long hours. Leaving dogs at home, alone, isn’t a fair option – for them or for me. Because they have grown accustomed to coming to work, they are disappointed when left at home. One of our team members even pet sits when we travel. So, they still come to work when we are away.”

Brooke Wilson, franchise owner, Two Men and a Truck

“Aptly named after the Wisconsin Badgers (my partner’s alma mater), Badger’s name also fits his personality quite well. Badger knows when he gets to go to the office when he sees me packing up his water dish and treats for work. It’s his favorite day of the week (other than the weekend). Badger is our unofficial office mascot/doorman and is a nice furry relief from our typical busy days here. Not sure who enjoys it more, the dog or the humans?”

– Sarah Thornton, marketing coordinator, Alta Planning + Design

“My dog, Roxy, loves coming to the office! Roxy has one focus … being with us. When we leave, she sits in one place until we get back. So, every chance I get, I bring her in! For me, she is good company and gets me out from in front of my computer regularly; otherwise, I would sit here all day! Seeing that she is the sweetest dog on the planet, people are always stopping to pet and play with her and she loves to visit with her Frontier dog friends – Sophie (of Triangle Ultimate), Porter (of All About Beer Magazine), Bedford (of NCSU Center for Innovation Management Studies) and Reynolds (RTP/The Frontier staff ). There is a wide variety of dogs and companies out here … never a dull moment!”

– Beth Yerxa, executive director, Triangle ArtWorks