‘Bottled Light’ Exhibit to Raise Awareness of Mental Health Issues

‘Bottled Light’ Exhibit to Raise Awareness of Mental Health Issues

Durham artist Catherine Edgerton's upcoming Carrack exhibit to focus on mental health and addiction issues


Artist Catherine Edgerton showcases seven multimedia stained glass kaleidoscopes at The Carrack in April. Through books, drawings and kaleidoscopes, “Bottled Light: Exploring Mental Health in an Insane Society” is intended to raise awareness of mental health issues in the Durham community.

Catherine’s kaleidoscopes were created for the Kaleidoscope Gift Project, a program in which pieces are given to individuals who struggle with mental health problems and/or addiction.

“The intention is that they be re-given, taking on a journey of their own, creating an invisible web of connectivity among us,” Catherine says.

Her passion for raising awareness of mental health and addiction in the Durham community influenced her decision to partner with the Art Asylum project in tandem with the exhibit.

“Specifically, I am building the exhibit in direct relationship with work that a crew of us have been doing to organize around mental health crisis prevention/intervention through the Durham Artists Movement,” Catherine says. “The group works to dismantle labels of criminal/patient identity by exploring the unique power of creativity and connectivity, and by widening the lens to challenge institutionalization and mass incarceration in the U.S.”

The exhibit begins with an opening reception Friday, April 14, and features two workshop events. Local estate attorney Mavis Gragg leads a workshop April 15 regarding the process of legalizing psychiatric advance directives in N.C. There will also be a creative workshop April 16, during which members from the DAM help with the creation and completion of Creative Advance Directive Workbooks.

“I believe the exhibit has the potential to be a springboard for dialogue around mental health, institutionalization/incarceration and creative alternatives in Durham,” Catherine says.


“Bottled Light”
The Carrack
947 E. Main St.
April 14-21