Challenge Your Puzzle-Solving Skills at Mission X Escape

Challenge Your Puzzle-Solving Skills at Mission X Escape

This unconventional outing is great for groups big and small

The wall of winners.

When you arrive at Mission X Escape, the first thing you’ll notice is a wall covered in photos of past winners and losers. It looms large in the lobby, and is especially intimidating because the loser section is easily two or three times as large as the winner’s.

There are currently three themed rooms: Mirage, Vampire Manor and Butcher Shop. “We have the most innovative escape rooms in the Triangle,” says co-owner Billy Wang. Another room, Candyland, is under construction. For each room, players are given 45 minutes to complete the challenge.

Our team chose to take on the Mirage, labeled by Mission X’s owners as the easiest game in the building, with a difficulty rating of three out of five stars. The instructions seemed simple enough: Solve the puzzles, open the locks and you’ll be fine. But once locked in the pitch-dark room, armed with only flashlights and our team’s combined brain power, it proved to be much more challenging than we thought.

We escaped!

Though we wouldn’t call it easy, we did escape the room with just under two minutes to spare. The Mirage proved to be a great team building activity that required communication, logic and each of our seven-person group’s unique talents to solve. The game was “a truly extraordinary entertainment experience,” as described by general manager Gary Balser; we were extremely relieved and excited to have made it out (and that our photo would be going on the winners wall)!

Mission X Escape is located at 3400 Westgate Dr., Ste. 8. Admission to the game costs $30 per player; group rates are available.

Morgan Weston
Durham Magazine freelancer Morgan Weston is a North Carolina native who loves exploring the Triangle's diverse food, arts and craft beer offerings.