Celebrate Picnic’s First Anniversary with a Pig Pickin’ (or Two)

Celebrate Picnic’s First Anniversary with a Pig Pickin’ (or Two)

Stop by Picnic or local brewery during February for a plate of whole-hog barbecue and Southern sides

Wyatt Dickson at Picnic. Photo by Briana Brough.

One pitmaster, one chef and one hog farmer. Three individuals who are separately esteemed for their knowledge of barbecue decided to combine their expertise to bring you a finger-lickin’ good culinary experience. For the past year, Picnic has served up wood-smoked, whole-hog barbecue revered by both native North Carolinians and visiting experts in food, appearing in the pages of TIME, Bon Appétit, Southern Living and The Washington Post, among others.

A plate of pitmaster Wyatt Dickson’s barbecue is tempting on its own, and the addition of chef Ben Adams’s Pig Whistle-brined deviled eggs makes the plate of ‘cue impossible to pass up. Not only is Picnic praised for its plates, but it’s also commended for the Green Button Farm sustainably raised hogs that are smoked only 12 miles from the farm.

One year and 15,000 barbecue sandwiches later, Picnic is celebrating with a round of pig pickins’ across the Triangle. On Saturday, February 4, help kick off the barbecue joint’s second year with an outdoor pig pickin’ featuring brews by Ponysaurus and tunes by Counterclockwise String Band. Next up, plan for a savory Super Bowl Sunday with wings, barbecue and sides provided by Picnic. Already booked for this weekend? Stop by a Fullsteam, Steel String and Ponysaurus, respectively, for each of the following Sundays in February for a Picnic pig pickin’.

Picnic’s owners are also looking forward to expanding its menu from the whole hog to include a wider variety of regional styles of barbecue. According to Wyatt, “non-native” barbecue such as spice-rubbed, 10-hour smoked-and-sliced Texas-style beef brisket will find a place on the menu. But all you barbecue purists, don’t fret – Dickson assures us that his true love for whole hog remains even as he prepares additional styles of barbecue.