Forget Pokémon. Find Waldo in Durham!

Forget Pokémon. Find Waldo in Durham!

Sponsored by Sustain-a-Bull and The Regulator Bookshop, Waldo is hitting the streets as a means to encourage Durhamites and summer visitors to support shopping local

Waldo hanging out at Bull City Craft.

Where’s Waldo this summer? The famous children’s book character, with his red-and-white striped shirt and thick, black-rimmed glasses, has made his way to Durham! For the month of July, embark on a scavenger hunt to find Waldo as he makes pit stops at 36 local businesses across the city. You might find him seated on the shelves, peering out of shirt pockets, perched on cash registers and hiding in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Ready to get started? Head to The Regulator Bookshop to pick up your “Find Waldo Local” passport today.

Here’s how it works: When you spot Waldo at any of the participating businesses, point him out to an employee and claim a stamp or signature for your passport. Catch him sitting in a booth at Elmo’s Diner; nestled among the odds and ends at Morgan Imports; ready to race at Bull City Running; cooling down with a refreshing drink at Cocoa Cinnamon; getting comfy at Cozy; or grabbing a bite at NOSH. These are just a few places from which to launch your go-local gallivanting through the Bull City, and the most adventurous are encouraged to add as many Durham haunts as possible to their summertime bucket lists.

Be among the first 100 participants to collect 15 stamps or signatures on your passport and return to The Regulator for prizes that range from buttons to gift certificates. On July 31, this local scavenger hunt will culminate in a Waldo Costume Party featuring food, family-friendly activities and a raffle for those who accumulate at least 25 stamps. Add to your summer plans with prizes from the drawing, which include exercise class passes, a ukulele from High Strung Violins & Guitars and other items selected by local businesses.

Don’t hesitate – Waldo has made his moves and is waiting for Durhamites and summer visitors to spot his signature stripes. Spend your summer enjoying all that the Bull City businesses have to offer while showing off your competitive edge. Gotta catch all the Waldos!