VIDEO: Scott Howell’s Former Chefs on Their Mentor’s Passion, Drive

VIDEO: Scott Howell’s Former Chefs on Their Mentor’s Passion, Drive


Did you miss TASTE 2016’s All in the (Nana’s) Family dinner at The Rickhouse? A few Nana’s alumni shared their favorite moments with their mentor, chef Scott Howell, in this video that premiered at the tribute dinner — which featured four courses prepared by many of Scott’s former chefs — on April 22, 2016.

For special scenes from the evening, click through our slideshow below.

Video by Meredith C. Browne, See It All Media.
Photography by Sarah Arneson.

1All in the Nana’s Family

The chalk art was created by Marika Wendelken.

2All in the Nana’s Family

Tea Cup Gin had the crowd dancing to music from Prince, Frank Sinatra and more.

3All in the Nana’s Family

Scott and his wife, Aubrey Zinaich-Howell, laughed while watching his tribute video.

4All in the Nana’s Family

Behind the scenes, chefs reunited to honor Scott with a three-course meal.

5All in the Nana’s Family

The chefs served duck over a perfectly cooked risotto.

6All in the Nana’s Family

Our event coordinator Grace Beason, Scott and wine purveyor Mattie Beason.

7All in the Nana’s Family

Brian and Kristy Burrows.

8All in the Nana’s Family

During the video, Scott choked up a bit.

9All in the Nana’s Family

James Beard Award-winner Ashley Christensen of restaurants Poole’s Diner, Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, Chuck’s, Fox Liquor Bar, Death & Taxes, Joule Coffee & Table and Bridge Club, credited Scott with teaching her how to find joy in cooking.

10All in the Nana’s Family

Even Scott’s mom, Joy Crook, came for the special event.

11All in the Nana’s Family

Scott and his stepson, Redmond.

12All in the Nana’s Family

It was a happy reunion for these chefs.

13All in the Nana’s Family

Daniel Sartain, left, of Bar Virgile created cocktails with Durham Distillery‘s gin.

14All in the Nana’s Family

Tom Ferguson of Rise Biscuits & Donuts honored Scott with a heartfelt speech.

15All in the Nana’s Family

Angel Quay, Kimberly Edmiston and Erin Seay-Taylor.

16All in the Nana’s Family

Scott is buried in the middle of this giant hug.

17All in the Nana’s Family

Councilman George Cianciolo, Cresha Cianciolo, Lori Eichel and Jim Eichel.