More Time at Home: 10 Stunning Photos That Didn’t Make Our April...

More Time at Home: 10 Stunning Photos That Didn’t Make Our April Issue


Who doesn’t love looking through beautiful residences? We’ve got more pictures from the April issue’s “A Tale of Two Durhams” story: Check out a few photos that continue to demonstrate just how different these two homes are. Read the full story here.

Photography by Briana Brough.

1A Tale of Two Durhams

With this unorthodox chandelier, Church + Main condo owner Charlie Witzleben defines his dining room without walls.

2A Tale of Two Durhams

While the sights from inside the condo are stunning, Charlie can also enjoy the warm spring weather on his corner balcony.

3A Tale of Two Durhams

Just one of the many vantage points from Charlie’s downtown condo.

4A Tale of Two Durhams

Can you spot a microwave? Neither can we. Charlie was adamant  about having an overhead vent to accompany his stove, so he tucked the microwave away in a drawer. One of the most important features of the kitchen is his wine bar proudly displayed on the left.

5A Tale of Two Durhams

“I’ve got this wonderful window that frames the 21c Museum Hotel,” Charlie says. “The views are spectacular.”

6A Tale of Two Durhams

The Butler family (owners of Green Button Farm) lounge in their screened-in porch with their two Great Danes: Temple Grandin (left) and Cash (right).

7A Tale of Two Durhams

A cowhide rug, one of several in the house, sprawls over the hardwood floor in the open-concept living room. “They’re durable,” Ryan says. “You just hose them off and keep going,” adds Alicia. “They’re the best for muddy dogs and children and red wine.”

8A Tale of Two Durhams

Finn, 6, (left) and Gates, 8, share an eclectic room, which features its own unique piece of art and two matching cowhide rugs.

9A Tale of Two Durhams

Large windows are meant to mimic art. “We don’t have a lot of color in here because we want the focus to be outside,” Ryan says. “In the springtime, we have trees that flower and the view from in here is awesome.”

10A Tale of Two Durhams

“Our house emphasizes our outdoor lifestyle,” Alicia says. “A lot of the views on the back end are better than the front end because Ryan is always down on the farm. We all are.”