UNEXPOSED Film Festival @ Shadowbox Studio
Mar 11 @ 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Welcome to the second and final installment of UNXFEST hosted by Shadowbox Studio! Five screenings at $5 each. All day pass is $10. Sponsored by Ponysaurus Brewing Company!

Event is all day. Expecting one filmmaker in attendance from Charlotte. We’ll have a keg of Ponysaurus’ Rye Pale Ale free-flowing for attendees and popcorn galore with the freshest seasonings to ever hit grocery store shelves on the East Coast of the United States. Also, we’ll be grilling out bratwursts and chicken wings with some sides and such. Free food and beer while it lasts!



12pm (Argentinian feature narrative): Las Decisiones Formales
2pm (Iranian feature documentary): Forty Days of Pines
4pm (Austrian feature): The fortune you seek is in another cookie
6pm (Shorts): DARK LOGIC
8pm (Shorts): TALAMH




“Las Decisiones Formales” by Melisa Aller (65min, 2015, Super 8 film to video, Argentina)
– clip:

Synopsis: Argentina achieved advances in the recognition of civil and political rights of LGBTI group. Including the Gender Identity Law (Law No. 26 743, enacted in 2012). These rights represent an advance on legal equality. However, there is still the challenge of social inclusion to the Trans community. And it is here where we find Kimby. She struggles in that universe. Sometimes she is working on the train or trying to work on a sidewalk near the Retiro station selling sandwiches, candies, lighters or pairs of socks. Kimby travels every day in the San Martin and North Belgrano train in her act of daily survival. Without family and with just a friend, Mary, her permanent support, spends days in the Capital. Among her odd jobs and her unrequited love, far from her beloved mountains of Cordoba, she dreams of a “real job” and of a married man, who she loves so much, that will play someday for her.
***Super 8 film edited in camera. It was filmed chronologically using 22 rolls of film, which are spliced ​​together


“Forty Days of Pines” by Atieh Attarzadeh (46min, 2015, video, Iran)
– experimental documentary feature film

Synopsis: The filmmaker, who eight years ago brought a loved one to Tehran’s Aminabad mental hospital but never had the courage to visit him there, now returns to the hospital and hands the camera to the patients to film their daily lives. As someone who had a personal involvement with Aminabad, where is the oldest mental hospital in Iran, I was looking for a way to show the life of its patients in a more subjective mode. I was aware that most films made about these institutions tend to represent the director’s view rather than the residents’; a fact that inevitability reproduces the dominant societal view of such institutions. Hence by putting the camera in the patients’ hands, I was hoping to arrive at a portrayal that is closer to their experience of life within the institution.


“The fortune you seek is another cookie” by Johannes Gierlinger (81min, 2014, 16mm to video, Austria)
– clip:

The fortune you seek is in another cookie a dizzying journey around the world in search for happiness as a poetic and political practice. The filmmaker finds himself at the protests in and around Gezi Park,
Istanbul, in front of the gates of the Cinecitta in Rome and the streets of Santiago de Chile. Whether in the Atacama desert or a trailer park in California, he attempts to find a description of the universal longing. The collision of image, text and sound finds its counterpart in the seemingly contrary locations and scenes. The Devil’s Dance meets the indulgence of astronomical precision and death at the foot of an ocean. The film is stargazing and a quest for meaning. It is a montage of a multi-year excursion that describes the subjective view of the world according to the filmmaker.



“Dark Logic” by Margaret Rorison (video, 4:36, 2016, USA)

An ode to the restricted space and surveillance in the skies. Sound derived from a live performance by Mario de Vega. Supported by The Echo Park Film Center Summer Artist in Residence Program. Filmed in Los Angeles, California and The Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum in Joshua Tree.

“Clandestine” by Atoosa Pour Hosseini (video, 15:00, 2015, Ireland/Iran)

Clandestine layers both space and time, superimposing imagery and creating entrancing patterns of repetition and startling interruption. Voyaging from one land to another, from found footage to mysteriously evocative scenes shot by the artist to the pure abstraction of hand-scratched film, it traces a haunting inner logic of memory and discovery.

“copy complete” by Maria Auerbach (video, 8:23, 2015, Germany)

“copy complete” undertakes a journey to the origin of the digital era. In which the computer was observed to be a opportunity or threat, as well as a resource of the good or an instrument of the evil however it may be a gate to a worldwide communication and an instrument for totalitarian supervision. The computer within films serves as a reflection of the society and broaches the issue of the different aspects of human sensitivity opposite to new technologies.

“Orange Band” by Sarah Bliss (video, 4:53, 2016, USA)

A portrait of place constructed thru’ a poetry of flicker and interference that volleys back and forth inside and outside the camera. Film phrases built thru precise frame-by-frame editing are joined with lyrical passages and abrupt, dysnchronous jolts to create a rhythmic experiential “thought-image” mind-and-soundscape.

“Yapi” by Aaron Khandros (video, 9:00, 2015, France)

Greece is covered in concrete tumors — yapi, half-finished buildings left in permanent limbo, skeletal structures like temples to some obscure future gods. People don’t explicitly speak of them or really even seem to see them. They’ve just grown from the landscape, a symptom of European change.

Emerging from their obscurity, the yapia grow to take on a life of their own. The future of their meaning, and their moment, are up for grabs.

“Underbelly Up” by Joshua Yates (video, 4:30, USA)

A reflexive audio-visual threnody inspired by the individual and collective trauma stemming from last year’s devastating flood in South Carolina.

“Events in a Cloud Chamber” by Vinayak Nagesh (video, 22:00, 2016, India)

In 1969, Akbar Padamsee, one of the pioneers of Modern Indian painting, made a visionary 16mm film called Events In A Cloud Chamber. This was one of the only Indian experimental films ever made. The print is now lost and no copies exist. Over 40 years later, filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia worked with Padamsee, now 89 years old, to remake the film.



“talamh” by Josh Weissbach (16mm film, 6:50, 2016, USA/Ireland)

As the ancient is replaced by the old, the landscape of the classics gives way to a rock in the middle of the ocean.

“Moments from the Fall” by Christina Hunt (16mm film, 5:34, 2013, USA)

The fall into a deep internal processing of one’s past becomes a repetitive act on the verge of over analysis, revealing and breaking down layers. Submerged in the gravity of life changes one is pushed to step forward to a free fall. Yielding control, sharing visions of a present experience, the journey becomes an aesthetic release from formality, a lightness of being.

“Figuring” by Kimberly Forero-Arnias & Billy Palumbo (16mm film, 10:52, 2016, USA)

Collaborative performances, for and with the camera, explore the forms and figures of interaction between two people.

“A subsequent fulfillment of a pre-historic wish” by Johannes
Gierlinger (video, 9:23, 2015, Austria)

The film revolves around Ana Mendieta, deals with the question of identity, spirtuality, fleeing and belonging and relates to current political situations. A connected track, a time loop, between the death of an artist and the question of death and losing within the historical and present politics. A film in search for the traces of a baffling death.

“There are no Whales in France” by Eva van Tongeren (video, 19:21, 2015, Belgium)

THERE ARE NO WHALES IN FRANCE is a filmic essay, set in a sleeping vacation village in the North of France. The filmmaker takes you with her on a personal search for peace and quietness; a certain grasp on the world. Her search for serenity witnesses her confusion. During the visual walks we hear a correspondence between the filmmaker and an actress. They muse about hope, getting grip, changes and borders.