Exploring Sherry Wine Class @ The Granary at Fearrington Village
Jun 1 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

We’ve all known it as the drink of choice for our older relatives – Tio Pepe’s Fino, chilled and uncomplicated. These past couple of years, sherry has made such a wonderful comeback, showing savvy drinkers that sherry isn’t past its prime. Olorosos with its wonderful heady nutty aromatics, to a Manzanilla’s apple, almond flavors perfect for sipping alone or for mixing that perfect “welcome, summer” cocktail. How does this fortified wine get such complex flavors? How it is made? Join Beverage Director Paula de Pano as she discusses her favorite fortified wine.
$45 includes tasting plate, wine, service fee and tax. Reserve at 919.542.2121.

Lees, Malo, and Oak Wine Class @ The Granary at Fearrington Village
Jun 29 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

What am I smelling? Why does it smell like bread dough? Buttered Popcorn? Crème Fraiche? Nutmeg and Cedar Shavings? Where are those aromatics come from and why do they manifest a lot stronger with certain wines?
The science behind wine flavors and smells can be intimidating, but there are telltale aspects of how a particular wine is made. What do these particular treatments to wine contribute to the overall wine? Aside from the wines for the class, enjoy smelling and tasting particular items and ingredients associated with these flavors to connect the aromatics in the wine better.
$40 includes wine, tasting plate, service fee and tax. Reserve at 919.542.2121.

Riedel Wine Glass Seminar @ The Granary
Jul 27 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Is it magic? Can the shape of glassware truly enhance your enjoyment of fine wines? Yes, there is a big difference in glassware and how much better your wines smell, taste and feel in the correct glass. The glass is a tool, and with the proper glass, wine can be elevated…with the wrong glass, wine can be negatively impacted. The Riedel family is the world’s leaders in forward thinking beverage glassware, not only in terms of form but function.

Sip from some of the world’s highest quality, most elegant stemware and learn why Riedel is considered the Rolls Royce of stemware. A Riedel representative will demonstrate the relationship between the shape of a glass and its impact on the consumer’s wine experience. The seminar will feature the hand-crafted artisan wines.

Come join us for an experience that will change your wine glass choice forever!
$40 includes wine, wine glasses, service fee and tax. Reserve at 919.542.2121.